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Welcome Jamie and Ella

Welcome Jamie and Ella

Jamie Hudson and Ella McKnight started their PhDs in October. Jamie is based at the NOCS and Ella at the MBA, all the best!  

Steve Bourne’s talk

Steve Bourne’s talk

Steve Bourne presented a Marine Life talk entitled ‘Using DNA to explore invasive species – how four letters open up a window into the world of the globe’s hitchhikers‘.

Bioinformatic courses

Steve Bourne attended three bioinformatic courses: ELIXIR-ITA, Transmitting Science and NERC-MDIBL between November 2015 and March 2016.

NRF grant awarded

Marc Rius, Peter Teske and Christopher McQuaid were awarded a NRF Grant from the Competitive Programme for Rated Researchers 2015. This 3-year grant will sponsor research projects in South Africa.

LifeWatch grant awarded

Marc Rius was awarded a LifeWatch grant. This grant will sponsor a WoRMS editor workshop at Flanders Marine Institute, Belgium.   

Prof Xavier Turon visit

Prof. Xavier Turon visited our lab (sponsored by a Visiting Scientists Scheme grant) and wrote a short note about his stay.