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Jamie in Sweden

Jamie in Sweden

During the summer of 2018 Jamie Hudson spent 3 months at the The Lovén Centre Tjärnö, Sweden as part of Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA) funding under the supervision of Prof Kerstin Johannesson. Here he collected specimens of the ascidian Ciona intestinalis,...

Lab’s book chapter published

The lab has written a book chapter in a special series on Population Genomics! Marine Invasion Genomics: Revealing Ecological and Evolutionary Consequences of Biological Invasions

Luke’s coast-to-coast field trip

Luke Holman is currently in South Africa on an exchange program with the South African Environmental Observation Network and Nelson Mandela University. He is supervised in country by Dr. Shirley Parker-Nance, a benthic ecologist and taxonomist with an in-depth...

Jamie’s South Africa research trip

Jamie Hudson is currently conducting field and lab work for his PhD in South Africa at Rhodes University. By performing laboratory crosses on two species of ascidian, Pyura herdmani and Pyura stolonifera, Jamie is assessing the extent to which hybridisation and...